I had to come up with three different concept designs with the basis being superheroes or supervillians.

The first character concept was that of Frizzard, a humanoid that takes assets from both a frog and a lizard. This combination of reptile and amphibian makes Frizzard a good superhero as he is not only fast and agile but can also put to use a range of abilities both on and off land.

Next came G-Wiz. He’s a bit of a pimp gangster type but with the ability to use magic. Like a G-wizard.

Mr.Bridge is a troll… He lives under a bridge, feasting on the likes of Billy goats and other unwitting travellers looking to cross his bridge. Using his mighty strength and troll magic to overcome any who cannot answer his riddles.

I think it’s pretty obvious which of these is my favourite idea and I also have plans of implementing him into the work for another module. Therefore I will be working on designing a 3d virtual mesh for Mr.Bridge.

I decided I’d rather not use the sample mesh available for a humanoid form and would rather learn from scratch how to create my own.

Using the Zsphere tool I began with just one Zsphere and began to add potential bodyparts and limbs as necessary.

Here is a look at my character body as an actual mesh so far. It’s clearly basic and uses the bare minimum amount of polys. Though it still has a lot of work to be done.

Starting from the default sample bust included with Z-brush I worked on the mesh to make it look much more like how Mr.Bridge is supposed to look. I feel it captures the essence of the troll quite well and will look fantastic once hair and texture are added.

A quick low poly image of the Mr.Bridge’s face.

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